The Strasbourg Goat Tests. When blood pressure drops below a certain point, the victim loses consciousness. Bruce over at Pocket Guns and Gear does a lot of testing from the Kahr P, and he and I have tested many of the same loads, and in general, the velocities he gets from the P are surprisingly similar to what I get from the TCP. I just got mine my first Glock yesterday and was so excited to get it. I wonder if you have the same type of information available on 9mm.
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Winchester PDX Defender 124gr +P

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Real World .223 Testing

Based on that, the criteria would seemingly need to be reduced by several inches. Caliber Testing medium Penetration Condition of bullet. I would still love to see that test performed on the MagSafe. If you shoot one hole in that bucket, water comes out. What does a spent bullet say to you? The Polycase website is: Thankyou for your quick response!
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Final Results of the ACP Ammo Quest | Shooting The Bull

These mags have a shined black finish on the exterior. The result is a barrier-resistant bullet that still offers suitable expansion and penetration — an ideal match for duty conditions. He hit his opponent in the "stomach area" at which time the bad guy ceased approaching with a knife and surrendered and sat not "fell" down. Those are nickel-plated brass cases, not steel. The Strasbourg Goat Tests.
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Critical Duty 9 mm grain FlexLock, Steel. Simple fact that the technology around projectiles has made a smaller caliber even more effective in the real world: They know a bullet any bullet could put a burning, bloody tunnel in their body. I already ordered my Precision One directly from them. He also tested a RIP round and it vaporized its target and did amazingly in gel but a couple of trocars penetrated the outside of the gel… ALSO there seems to be some legal issue here…. Not so much like a hollow point but to more of something that looked like a mushroom. If you are landing shots center mass, you are virtually guaranteed to hit essential nerves, organs, arteries, and tissues which the attacker absolutely needs to persist his assault.
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